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For over 12 years I have helped non profits, private companies, and professionals get the most out of their investment when marketing themselves online by working with them instead of just for them.

With over 550 completed projects my co-operative approach to SEO is a process rather than a template.


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Working with me means we use your expertise in what you provide and my SEO experience to market your business and brand using your unique selling position so you not only draw in customers and clients based on what you do; WE do it based on what makes you unique in your industry!

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I am constantly on social media for clients as a part of their individual strategies so I only use Twitter for my own business

It’s unhealthy to care too much about awards shows, I know, but if Eminem’s end credits song for Venom, which consisted of him alternately saying the words “venom” and “denim” very quickly, isn’t nominated for Best Song tomorrow I intend to remove one of my toes.

Today I optimize <title> tags.

Some consider it a lowly task. A job for interns.

On the contrary. It is—in fact—one of my most rewarding, happiest, + highest ROI jobs as an SEO 💥

The 9-Step SEO Strategy for 2019 [NEW]

-Case study: how I boosted my page's organic traffic 70.43%

-How to get popular blogs and news sites to link to you ("The Evangelist Method")

-Lots of advanced tips, strategies, and examples

Impressive: A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to easily level up your Tech SEO skills

Optimize Website Speed With Chrome DevTools by @kaycebasques via @TheWeeklySEO

The 10 Most Critical SEO Success Factors 🚀
1 Keyword Targeted
2 Fresh &
3 Unique Content
4 Satisfies User Intent w/
5 Expertise, Authority, and Trust
6 Crawlable + Accessible to Search Engines
7 Speed
8 Built for Multiple Devices
9 Earns a High # of Clicks +
10 Quality Backlinks

Votes are in: The best 3 Zyppy SEO posts of 2018 (all 3 made the list!)

1) 15 Site Architecture Tips for SEO
2) How to Build Category Pages that Rank + Convert 10x Higher
3) 100+ Google SEO Success Factors


Wow, ever want an easy way to reduce your HTML "Time to First Byte?"

This @cloudflare WordPress plugin reduced it on @Zyppy from 694ms > 239ms - huge!

It's cheap ($5/mo for 10 million requests), requires Cloudflare + some technical setup. Super exciting:


Do you have infinite scroll on your website?
If you want Google to be cool with it, you have to use traditional <a href> links, as
<link rel="next"> is not enough. Confirmed by @JohnMu.

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