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For over 12 years I have helped non profits, private companies, and professionals get the most out of their investment when marketing themselves online by working with them instead of just for them.

With over 550 completed projects my co-operative approach to SEO is a process rather than a template.


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Working with me means we use your expertise in what you provide and my SEO experience to market your business and brand using your unique selling position so you not only draw in customers and clients based on what you do; WE do it based on what makes you unique in your industry!

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I am constantly on social media for clients as a part of their individual strategies so I only use Twitter for my own business

Conspiracy Theory: The REAL reason icons are in SERPs is to encourage "banner blindness" for the "Ad" text. Once people see the icons over and over, they will learn to mentally ignore the top left.

It’s beautiful, beautiful cinema. Get your tickets for #TheGentlemen, in theaters January 24.

I wasted 2 hours a day commuting every day

22 days each year

Remote working gave me that back

Now I:

🥗Eat with family

In less time

Remote work increases quality of life 📈

It helps save the planet as well 🌱

What would you do with the extra time?

As we get into CES time, this is a reminder: They will try to sell everyone 5G with buzzy things like autonomous driving, AR, AI-whatever, etc.

We won't need 5G for any of that. It's just LTE with lower latency and better device density support. That's nice but not huge.


"You're in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world."

Then tells award winners to "f**k off."


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