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For over 12 years I have helped non profits, private companies, and professionals get the most out of their investment when marketing themselves online by working with them instead of just for them.

With over 500 completed projects my co-operative approach to SEO is a process rather than a template.


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Working with me means we use your expertise in what you provide and my SEO experience to market your business and brand using your unique selling position so you not only draw in customers and clients based on what you do; WE do it based on what makes you unique in your industry!

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I am constantly on social media for clients as a part of their individual strategies so I only use Twitter for my own business

In case we need proof the car rental industry is ripe for disruption @Hertz is still using MSN Maps for directions. It stopped being MSN in 2006. They’ve been emailing a broken link for 12 years.

Seen many "Split Testing for SEO" decks from Distilled - this is one of the best/most comprehensive, with a few extra nuggets:

19 Lessons learned from a year of SEO split testing by @dom_woodman

Today we unveiled a new #madebygoogle family: 2 Pixel phones, Home Hub smart display with the Google Assistant, Pixel Slate tablet running Chrome OS & more - all bringing together the best of #GoogleAI, software and hardware to help you get things done

Turns out Lord Vader’s not so scary when his theme tune’s played by a 9-year-old novice trombonist @starwars @jamesearljones @HamillHimself @edgarwright @empiremagazine @totalfilm @BrewCinema

I don't normally circulate gofundme campaigns but this one deserves it. Please donate.

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