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For over 12 years I have helped non profits, private companies, and professionals get the most out of their investment when marketing themselves online by working with them instead of just for them.

With over 500 completed projects my co-operative approach to SEO is a process rather than a template.


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Working with me means we use your expertise in what you provide and my SEO experience to market your business and brand using your unique selling position so you not only draw in customers and clients based on what you do; WE do it based on what makes you unique in your industry!

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I am constantly on social media for clients as a part of their individual strategies so I only use Twitter for my own business

This headline is almost certainly false (and not exactly what John said)

1) True: Availability+Relevance > Position
2) False: Position doesn't matter

The position of internal links can matter a lot! If you don't believe it, try moving all your navigation links to your footer.

You + Featured Snippets = more traffic, ALWAYS.

If you rank in position #1 AND own the featured snippet, an estimate of 28.2% of all clicks will go to your page.

2018 Google Search Click-through Rate (CTR) Data:
• Bad News: “Classic, earn-the-organic-click SEO is shrinking in opportunity"
• Good News: "Search continues to grow and create new, different kinds of opportunities.”

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Building fast web pages for mobile? AMP includes an <amp-analytics> element that allows you to track user interactions, and it has built-in support for Google Analytics. #measure

Google Shares How 301 Redirects Pass PageRank - Search Engine Journal ⬅️ TL;DR: the same we SEOs are saying since the beginning of times...

So - Google will throw a rel="prerender" on ranking URLs that probably have high click through rates... 🤔


"Why link counts are unreliable" - How PageRank Really Works

(and why you should use metrics like Citation Flow/MozRank instead)

Really enjoyed this by @dixon_jones via @rustybrick

Useful + Comprehensive: Cheat Sheet for Taking Control of Your Google Knowledge Panels by @Miriam_Ellis_

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