+Do you @overuse#hashtags and +callouts when using #socialmedia  such as +Twitter…

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+Do you @overuse#hashtags and +callouts when using #socialmedia  such as +Twitter and @Facebook and +make  +your @posts look  #stupid ?

I've seen a tonne of articles over the years on hashtag marketing, tag marketing, and overall callout marketing and they all preach the same bad advice. 
This kind of spam is not going to lead to any new conversions. Despite what old style marketing gurus profess the tangential marketing approach in online marketing is a major misstep and not only hurts your company's reputation but it sends Google a strong signal that you do not understand the purpose of refining the ranking algorithm. 
Callouts are good for giving credit or attaching your subject to a trending topic because it adds value to the audience interested in the broad subject but be honest with yourself when using them. 
If you're just using them because you think its how social media works (looking at you Canadian government bodies and officials who must have attended some horrid seminar that taught you all to you things the wrong way) then you should hire an actual professional. 


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