What are you paying your agency for?

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The answer should be immediate and obvious. If it's not then why are you paying them. 
In reviewing some "top agency" work recently I saw the following:

site wide universal meta data and titles
keyword stuffing
dead pages with keyword stuffing
interlinking sites to try to fake backlinks
private blog networks
adwords accounts with THOUSANDS of key phrases in a single ad group
reports referencing search data taken from the client's browser and Analytics reports exported that don't have anything to do with site ranking
invoices for thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it 
backlinking (still)
(supposedly) rankable interim landing pages that start the conversion funnel…and are also the end of it since nobody goes past that page
paid social engagement
PAID SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT (saying that one twice because its becoming a problem again and spam is on the rise)

It's frustrating to see so many people getting ripped off when it comes to their online presence and ranking efforts.

Ask friends, colleagues, or peers about who they use and make sure your SEO is reputable. Think of your SEO as your website's mechanic. If you can't trust him then you're getting ripped off and never take the car in to the dealer. 

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