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This post is about the value of content marketing for driving traffic and learning about your users.

I do content marketing as a primary SEO initiative for a variety of reasons that I will list off here for reference for anyone working in SEO.
Content marketing is the process of using your expertise to tell users about your business.
This will begin with a small audience likely made up of existing users. Draft content related to your business that tests the viability of marketing towards certain sectors by addressing content related to that audiences needs.
When you see a stronger reaction both in engagement and in the Google Analytics metrics it not only has helped traffic on your site but you now also know what about your business has more value. I recommend creating and following a guide where each audience is broken down and then draft content that is specific to them with a relevant destination url (or urls) as the consistent target the content directs to.
Seeding through social platforms is then a great way to build out the audience. All platforms aside from a select few holdouts offer paid options to help distribute the content based on user interests and behaviour. Align those parameters with the initial document you drafted so your targets are consistent throughout the entire life cycle of the content.
Use the metrics provided by the platforms to help direct the next round of content for that audience you targeted.
I recommend doing this 2 – 3 times per week. For B2C sites that are product driven there is never a bad time to let your users know about your new content or sales etc.

If you have the right ranking signals being sent by your site and you configure the content marketing to validate those signals while sending their own your audience will grow and your rank will improve. Best of all as you refine your strategy based on user feedback you will be improving your business making it more applicable and your site easier to use.

For more short term goals I will do a quick post on how to configure PPC / Adwords correctly for effective ROI and minimal CPC.

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