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Link Building is Dead

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Link Building is Dead

stop link building

Despite Link Building having been declared dead 4 years ago the claim of its relevance persists.
If your SEO is performing link building or offers it they are going to hurt your rank not help it. Link building is dead. I can’t say that enough.

Link Earning

Link Earning is alive and well and a big part of SEO. Link building is an antiquated method of creating the illusion of deserving rank that used to be effective for search engine optimization.

What’s the difference between Building a Link and Earning a Link?

With Link Building the links are created either by paying for them or asking for them or creating a Private Blog Network or other link network to create links. There are other methods that are all not aligned with Google’s clearly defined expectations for websites who want to rank.
Link Earning is having content created (preferably with or by you) that other sites see the value of and link to your website. They are made aware of the content either through social media seeding also called Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing (better content marketing) or through a search that brings them to your content. This content can be a blog post, news article, infographic on a standalone page, a helpful  PDF, or an actual page on your website.
The different is the effort to falsify the relevance of the content to Google and by extension the user by creating a link that would otherwise not be there.

Does Google know Link Building from Link Earning?

Google’s  evaluation of your site’s relevance to key phrases updates all the time. It’s very complex and the overall goal is the best site returned in the search engine page results when a term is searched.
Rather than building links focus on your website and your content. There are basics every site should have covered in order to send rank signals. There are tools to refine your site and address problems such as page load speed slowed by the site using Javascript too much or having site elements controlled by the CSS.

Will stopping Link Building hurt my rank?

Your chances of ranking higher improve when the user experience does. Inbound marketing is key to your site’s long term success on Google.  Stopping a link building program is a good idea but it’s also not enough.  If you have paid for link building or are paying for it you have options for reversing the problem though it takes time so it’s a sooner the better scenario for anyone who has paid for link building. Disavowing links works but it’s better to remove them all together. Look for links (within Webmaster tools) where a reputable site has chosen to source your content when writing about the topic you focused on in your content. Those are earned and they’re some of the most valuable pieces in the SEO puzzle.

Once again: Link Building is Dead