search engine optimization 2017

SEO 2017

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How will SEO change in 2017? What can you expect from 2017 when it comes to effective SEO? The short answer is: a continuation of Google’s ability to filter out the falsified efforts, bad user experiences so it returns better results for their users. What do you mean better search results? Better search results means better […]

stop link building

Link Building is Dead

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Link Building is Dead Despite Link Building having been declared dead 4 years ago the claim of its relevance persists. If your SEO is performing link building or offers it they are going to hurt your rank not help it. Link building is dead. I can’t say that enough. Link Earning Link Earning is alive […]

What are you paying your agency for?

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The answer should be immediate and obvious. If it's not then why are you paying them. In reviewing some "top agency" work recently I saw the following: site wide universal meta data and titleskeyword stuffingdead pages with keyword stuffinginterlinking sites to try to fake backlinksprivate blog networksadwords accounts with THOUSANDS of key phrases in a single […]

Is your site mobile friendly?

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Before you get upsold by dishonest developers and SEO "gurus" why not just take 2 seconds and check for yourself? There is so much traffic on SEO boards right now from people blabbing about this. Its not a big deal.  Take 2 seconds, test your site (chances are it is mobile friendly) and if it […]

+Do you @overuse#hashtags and +callouts when using #socialmedia  such as +Twitter…

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+Do you @overuse#hashtags and +callouts when using #socialmedia  such as +Twitter and @Facebook and +make  +your @posts look  #stupid ? I've seen a tonne of articles over the years on hashtag marketing, tag marketing, and overall callout marketing and they all preach the same bad advice. This kind of spam is not going to lead to any […]