Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the fun part!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the act of user your knowledge to create content users will want when they want to learn about what your website is about.

With content marketing I work with your expertise to answer questions users have about what you do. We can use pages, blog posts, videos, or a combination of a variety of things. It comes down to what is best for saying to the user ‘here is your answer to that one’.

How do I do the content marketing? Do We do it together?

I don’t ever farm out content creation specifically because it’s you the user is after. Your product can either be what you sell or what you do. The point of content marketing is to make the information available to the user in a way that they get the point as easily as possible. Some people respond better to images than videos or videos than text. An infographic may work or an explanation in concise language. When you work with me we’ll figure out what you can provide within your capacity as a business and we’ll look at how to get that information out there.

Videos are a great tool because many users learn by watching. I like to have videos followed by free and optional quizes. Traditional adult learning shows that having a user repeat what they’ve just learned goes a long way to ensuring the knowledge is absorbed.

Can you show me an example of content marketing?

A quick example:

A user wants to know: ‘how do I make a doodler’ (part of your website is about how to show people how to make doodlers in this example 🙂 )

  1. Well we then create a page about making a doodler if one doesn’t already exist.
  2. We put together an infographic showing them how. An inforgraphic is an image featuring information. They’re great and fun to make. I can show you some some easy to use tools out that that we’ll be using for these when we talk.
  3. We explain ‘how to make a doodler’ in that page clearly and in plain language.
  4. We end the page with an optional quiz on making a doodler so the user knows they’ve learned it all.
  5. We then create a video showing them how. The video can use the same info but be broken down into slides with audio and some friendly music.
  6. We put the video on your Youtube channel and link back to the page as a source.
  7. We then put that page onto your site and we blog about it once letting users know. We can do some social media posts too through your business profiles letting all your users know about the page.

Then the next time Google crawls your site and sees the new content. It sees that question several times – in the page’s title, on the site within the page’s on site SEO (tags etc where necessary and when they make sense), and in any other content tags such as images.

Ideally then as users find this page and spend time on it Google sees it has value to the question and soon whenever it’s searched by users that content then appears higher and higher in the rank.

If it’s the answer then we may have just secured the top spot so every user who searches ‘how do I make a doodler’ will find your content. That endears you to Google by providing a good user experience on their platform and your site overall makes a great impression with Google.

I’m not going to review this page with a quiz so don’t worry about not seeing one here.

If you have any questions about this approach at all just get in touch and let me know!

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