email marketing

Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is sending emails to your users about updates to your business and/or online presence whatever they might be.

Should I do email marketing?

Email marketing using services like Mail Chimp is a great way to build and maintain a loyal audience of customers or followers.

My campaigns for my clients average 4 – 8% higher open rateĀ for their industries!

So this is just sending out an email?

Not exactly. Email marketing is its own animal and not creating good emails with clear language can make for some bad results. You want a high open rate which is why I mentioned mine being higher for my clients. I get them opened and clicked on by being clear and concise. Those two elements are key as well as never abusing the privilege of having a user’s email.

When do I do this email marketing?

When you have something important to tell your user’s about!

How should my emails look?

Your emails should be very clear with no redundant language and any upsells should read as such. Never assume your users won’t know what the intention is. Being up front sacrifices clicks but raises your conversion ratio based off of the traffic.

I do regular email newsletter blasts to segregated lists that are built out of the feedback in Google Analytics and Mail Chimp’s own campaign information.

If you want to see about a very cost effective way to use email marketing to build your audience let me know and I can work with you to put together campaigns that make the best use of your content and your budget.

Now that the users are on your site it’s time to show them a good time. That comes from Usability!