search engine optimization 2017
Sunday, 04 December 2016 / Published in link earning, seo, usability

search engine optimization 2017

How will SEO change in 2017?

What can you expect from 2017 when it comes to effective SEO? The short answer is: a continuation of Google’s ability to filter out the falsified efforts, bad user experiences so it returns better results for their users.

What do you mean better search results?

Better search results means better content that is better organized and is presented as clearly and concisely as possible. Many agencies employ third party writers to follow cookie cutter methods in an attempt to present a false relevance of the website. Its bad SEO and if you’ve been doing it you will likely see your rank and traffic fall in 2017. Create your own content as much as possible and work with an expert so it’s shown to Google properly. Then focus on having a great user experience on your website.

How do I know if my SEO is good?

For those worried about whether or not their SEO has been good and are concerned about how they’re perform in 2017 I would just say be honest with yourself: have you been honest? If the answer is that you were more concerned about rank than providing the best user experience then you have some work ahead of you. If you have redundant content on site it’s best to start pruning that now. Focus your efforts on making your website easier to use and your content genuine and engaging.

What does engaging content mean?

Engaging content is anything that your users will see as having sincere value. Whether they click on it, vote in a poll, watch a video, or share it there has to be some reason they paid attention to it. Wasting user’s time will be something shown in your website metrics which Google places more and more emphasis on with each algorithm update.  If you build it they may come but if they don’t stay long or just click away then Google will know and it will hurt your rank rather than help it.

But I’m too busy for this SEO, usability stuff

Most people have this attitude. Not paying attention to it though is a mistake if online conversions are important to your business. Whether it’s a sale or a lead you need to make the experience of a user using your website as good as it can be and lead them to it with solid reasoning presented in an effective way. If you’re too busy to pay attention to your online presence then rank shouldn’t matter to you anyway since you have all the business you can handle. 🙂


Don’t be afraid to take creative chances with your content but keep it lean and focus on a full conversion cycle. In 2017 SEO will put more emphasis on how you draw the user in and then how that user performs on your website. You’ll earn better links from better sources if you make it a part of an overall strategy that gets your content seen by the right people and in doing so you’ll demonstrate to Google that you deserve to rank higher.


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