Advanced Search Engine Marketing is a business I incorporated in 2012 after working in SEO for several agencies.

Beginning in 2005 I started with a small web agency working on third sector clients such as charities like Doctors Without Borders and various environmental groups. SEO was very new and Google wasn’t even as much as a dominant factor as it is now.

My methods employed used the social channels available at the time and custom site development to achieve the same goals SEO consultants and agencies strive for today. I have completed all certifications in necessary tools such as Adwords, Analytics, and many more.

At the start of my career in SEO backlink techniques were rampant and most of the industry was playing games because the rules had yet to be defined.

By 2012 the industry was changing and I struck out on my own having learned the best and worst of what the big agencies were up to. I have always maintained a small client base focused on service and a long term relationship.

In the years since I have worked consultation projects at large and small agencies and worked with clients of all sizes. I have made a point of noting all employed black hat methods as to avoid them and I have never been penalized by Google after an algorithm update.

If you’re looking for someone to help you grow your business using your website then we should definitely talk. I don’t take on all clients but if I feel there is a good fit then we normally get started right away.

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